Lyndem Edutainment

is an educational service provider that engenders learning through the art of interactive play using educational games and activities

About Us

Lyndem Edutainment is an interactive educational establishment where learning is engendered through the art of play. We stimulate children to discover their intellectual abilities by exposing them to educational table top games of different sorts. We take advantage of their innate desire to learn to stir up interests in a variety of topics.

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Edutainment is the synthesis of learning and fun. Our main purpose therefore is to infuse fun into the learning process, thus making it an enjoyable experience for kids so they become eager learners hence our motto "Learning Made Fun"

Game Schooling

Gameschooling is where intentional and specific games are used to teach specific skills, rather than just playing games haphazardly for entertainment. The philosophy behind gameschooling is that kids remember best what they enjoy learning.

At Lyndem Edutainment we use games to teach educational and life skills.