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Brief Histrory

Lyndem Educational Games Cafe is a child-centred Cafe that engenders learning through the art of play. It is the brainchild of Mrs. Bassey Onwuanaku who wandered into and discovered the joy of board gaming in her search for ways to help her first child nurture her kinesthetic approach to learning.

The cafe was birthed in September 2013 as a result of her love for children and her desire to share her passion of fun learning with kids in her locality.

It started off small with the games accumulated from her personal work with her first child, games being her go-to tool for learning

The cafe employs the use of table top games to introduce children to the world of fun-learning and gaming hence its motto 'learning made fun'.

The cafe was initially patronised by only friends and family but has gradually grown to become a fun learning games cafe for kids in Abuja, Nigeria where its based as it is the first of its kind, specifically geared to the interest of children. The cafe caters to kids between the ages of 4 and 16.

The lockdown in 2020 yielded an opportunity for growth as the owner became one of the recipients of the Indie Game Developers Network (IGDN) Sponsorship which brought her in connection with fellow gamers internationally. This connection brought a boost to the cafe as a wide collection of games were individually and collectively donated to foster the edugaming culture in Nigeria.

The cafe is located at Suite A6, Kabom Court, Plot 104 Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa, Abuja.

About Us

Lyndem Edutainment is an interactive educational establishment where learning is engendered through the art of play. We stimulate children to discover their intellectual abilities by exposing them to educational table top games of different sorts. We take advantage of their innate desire to learn to stir up interests in a variety of topics.

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Edutainment is the synthesis of learning and fun. Our main purpose therefore is to infuse fun into the learning process, thus making it an enjoyable experience for kids so they become eager learners hence our motto "Learning Made Fun"